David McVicker, Superintendent Superintendent David MicVicker

David McVicker has been in education for more than 40 years. He began as an elementary teacher, but it wasn't long before he went to the principal's office—in a good way! Mr. McVicker spent 20 years as a much-loved elementary school principal. After that, he served as director of Special Services. Next, Mr. McVicker moved to the Business Office, serving as executive director and then assistant superintendent.

In 2014, our board of directors appointed David McVicker as superintendent of CK Schools.

Mr. McVicker has lived in Silverdale since 1987 and is well-respected for his knowledge and vision. He enjoys serving our students, their families and the community in his role as superintendent.

In a letter to CKSD families, Mr. McVicker announced that he will retire in 2019. Read more