Your Tax Dollars

Thank you Central Kitsap residents and business property owners! Your tax dollars help to:

  • Lower class sizes
  • Support programs for our students
  • Build and repair safe and modern schools
  • Provide technology for learning

Central Kitsap voters have approved two measures that benefit Central Kitsap students. Please note that senior citizens or disabled home owners may qualify for programs to lower their property taxes.

Hawk Elementary was built thanks to the support of Central Kitsap voters.

2011 Capital Projects Measure

In 2011, voters approved a measure providing Central Kitsap School District with $58 million over five years. We have been rebuilding and renovating schools, making critical repairs and improving technology infrastructure.

Our projects are currently on time and on budget. Projects we’ve completed or have in the works include:

  • Rebuilding John D. Bud “Hawk” Elementary at Jackson Park (formerly Jackson Park Elementary)
  • Renovating Silverdale Elementary
  • Replacing turf at Silverdale stadium
  • Improving heating and air conditioning systems at multiple schools
  • Giving schools faster internet connections and wireless access

Learn more about our the projects funded by this measure and read about our construction milestones.

School Support (Maintenance & Operations) Levy

In 2014, Central Kitsap voters renewed a two-year school support levy. This levy provides $20.8 million each year to fund daily school district operations. This levy expires in 2016. We are asking voters to continue this levy  on the Feb. 9, 2016 ballot.

State legislators, under the order of the Washington Supreme Court, are making progress toward fully funding basic education. Until education is fully funded, a support levy allows our community to supplement state funding.

The support levy makes up about 20 percent of our budget. It ensures the stability of programs for our students. The levy also qualifies us for an additional $3 million in state funds and $6 million in federal funds.

Learn more about what the School Support Levy funds.