District Goals

Student in front of her classroom computer.

Our mission is to equip our students with the knowledge and skills to succeed and prosper in an ever-changing global society. Our vision is to be an academically strong, fiscally sound, and safe learning community.

Goal 1: All Students Engaged and Learning

Ensure that all students have the knowledge and skills to prepare for new challenges, both in school and beyond graduation.


  • Promote academic success for all students by increasing learning options that develop their unique talents, interests, and abilities

  • Integrate technology to enhance curriculum, encourage collaboration, and promote critical thinking so that all students are prepared to thrive in a global community

  • Assist students in creating achievable academic goals and in monitoring their own progress toward these goals

  • Challenge all students to learn and grow by providing relevant curriculum and assessments

  • Provide college and career opportunities to help students and their families make appropriate educational choices

Goal 2: Safe and Supportive Schools

Promote positive learning environments that are secure, welcoming, and culturally respectful.


  • Design and maintain educational facilities that are safe for students, staff, and the community

  • Promote a culture of respect that is free from harassment, bullying, and aggression

  • Foster a supportive school environment that values the well-being, integrity, and character development of each student

  • Ensure that front office staff welcomes visitors, supports volunteers, and monitors building access

Goal 3: A Well-developed, Highly Skilled and Effective Staff

Build a foundation for quality instruction and personalized learning.


  • Successfully recruit, support, and retain an exceptional staff that is passionate about learning

  • Provide relevant, timely, and effective professional development opportunities for all staff

  • Encourage staff leadership, professional collaboration, and skill development throughout our District

  • Empower staff to adjust instructional strategies so that students experience multiple opportunities to learn fundamental concepts

Goal 4:  Family and Community Engagement

Cultivate community support for our schools, and school support for our community.


  • Build collaborative community partnerships to offer real-world learning opportunities, mobilize resources, and encourage students to give back to our community

  • Promote effective communication between home and school to strengthen family support for student learning

  • Develop communication tools to present data, provide transparency, share stories, and encourage community involvement in our schools

  • Provide ongoing opportunities for community input and feedback to help inform major decisions

Goal 5: Fiscal Responsibility

Align resources with strategic goals to realize our mission and vision.


  • Provide the resources, equipment, and technology infrastructure to support innovative teaching and personalized learning

  • Ensure that long-range facilities planning supports educational goals and safe learning environments

  • Identify and implement efficiencies to maximize resources for students