Career and College Ready

High School Schedule Change Update

In spring 2018 a team of parents and staff recommended that our high schools change to a 7-period modified schedule. This change was meant to help provide more options for students and meet the state’s new graduation requirements. Our board agreed to explore a 7-period day. However, further budget review shows that we do not have sustainable funding for a 7-period schedule.

Since then, we have been looking at other ways to increase support for students and ensure they graduate ready for college, a career or the military. To help with this work, the school board recently provided some additional direction:

  • By 2020-21, our high school schedule will have more than 24 credits available. Most days will have fewer than six periods.
  • We will increase opportunities for students to obtain credits through things like online classes, competency test and other options for the 2019-20 school year.
  • The cost of the new schedule cannot exceed $1,000,000 per year.

This direction honors the work of the Career and College Ready (CCR) team and its original guidance for a new schedule.

We will continue working on a new schedule to implement in 2020-21. Our next step will be to seek staff, student and community input this winter. The board will make a decision by the end of March. View the latest board update.