Security Upgrades
Safe & Secure EntryIllustration of a more secure entrance for schools.

Number OneA secure zone guides visitors into the main office. 

Number TwoVisitors check in with school staff.

Number ThreeSchool office staff unlock inner doors to allow approved visitors into the school.

Better control of who gets in our schools and when they can enter makes students safer. The bond approved on Feb. 9, 2016 will fund security upgrades at all schools including:

  • Remodeled entryways to control visitor entry

  • Electronic entry to better control access

  • New monitoring systems

Why They're Needed

We want to better control who has access to our schools. Construction of new entryways would guide visitors to check in with school staff before they can enter the school. Electronic entry systems would secure keys and allow staff to lock doors remotely. 


We've completed secure entryways as part of our work at Silverdale Elementary, Barker Creek Community School and Klahowya Secondary School. We recently remodeled entryways at Silver Ridge Elementary, Ridgetop Middle School and Emerald Heights Elementary. Work at all schools will be complete by the end of the next school year. 

Under Construction

Major construction at Central Kitsap High and Central Kitsap Middle, and Olympic all include secure entrances. 

Beginning Winter 2018

Construction of secure entrances will begin on four elementary schools in winter of 2018, continuing into 2019:

  • Brownsville
  • Esquire Hills
  • PineCrest
  • Woodlands

School Year 2018-19

Work on five elementary schools and one middle school will begin in the 2018-19 school year:

  • Clear Creek
  • Cottonwood
  • Cougar Valley
  • Fairview Middle School
  • Green Mountain
  • Hawk Elementary