Cultural Competency PD

Students’ personal circumstances should not be an obstacle to their success.

That’s why we are engaged in work centered on building equity for our students. That work includes professional development, administrative support and building-based equity teams.

Professional Development

We’ve partnered with Washington Education Association to offer professional development. We’ll train in cohorts. Each year for four years, a cohort will focus on one area of cultural competence:

  • Creating community in our schools
  • Classroom management
  • Classroom interactions
  • Culturally responsive interventions

Here’s the timeline for when the four-year professional development begins:

  • 2018-19: Cottonwood, Cougar Valley, Woodlands, CK Middle, Fairview, Klahowya, CK High and Olympic
  • 2019-20: Clear Creek, Hawk, Green Mountain, PineCrest, Silverdale and Barker Creek
  • 2020-21: Brownsville, Esquire Hills, Emerald Heights, Silver Ridge and Ridgetop

Equity Teams

As each school begins professional development, it will also build an equity team. The team will start by identifying a pressing equity issue in its school. It will identify professional development needs or procedures to discuss. Its goal is to help its school build equitable practices, attitudes and culture.

These teams will include school staff, administrators and parents. Team members will receive additional training.