Early Childhood Services

Each child is a complex, unique being with his/her own strengths and needs. Based upon an assessment of these needs, and parent and staff observations, we design an Individual Education Program (IEP) stating specific goals for each child. Target skills are selected based on those needed in the child’s daily life as well as in preparation for kindergarten readiness. Exploration through the use of manipulatives, a variety of learning materials and interaction with peers occurs naturally within the classroom environment and are the building blocks for future learning.  

Language and motor skill development activities naturally occur within the preschool environment.  Speech -Language Pathologists and Occupational or Physical Therapists provide services within the natural learning environment whenever appropriate.

Program Descriptions

Holly Ridge Developmental Center

Holly Ridge Center is the primary service provider of children age birth to three (3).  Holly Ridge Developmental Center, in conjunction with school district staff, has evaluation responsibilities for children aged birth to three (3).  Children who qualify for services, depending on the identified needs of the child and family, receive specially designed instruction in the areas of communication, social and emotional development, motor, cognitive and adaptive skills as indicated on the child’s Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP).

Daycare/Preschool Based

Daycare/preschool based services are provided to children who qualify for special education services and reside in the Central Kitsap area.  These services are primarily directed to children between the ages of three (3) and five (5) for whom the multi-disciplinary team conducting the evaluation determines daycare services are most appropriate in meeting the child's individual needs.  These programs are provided either in the child's licensed daycare or preschool located within the Central Kitsap School District Boundaries.  The services may include: direct services to the child; consultation to the child's parent(s) or staff members in the daycare or preschool; or a combination of direct and consultative services.

Talk and Play (TAP)

This program is two days each week (90-minutes per session) for children who need social and functional language skills, and mild needs in other areas. 

Early Childhood Intervention Services

Services are usually provided in the child's home school, or as close to the child's home school as possible. Programs are two, three, or four days per week and are approximately 2 1/2 hours long. Services can include cognitive, adaptive, social/emotional, communication, and OT/PT.

Preschool Alternative for Language and Socialization (PALS)

PALS is a highly structured program specifically designed to meet the needs of preschool children who have not yet developed functional communication or play skills. Considerable diagnostic and anecdotal information in conjunction with medical and professional evaluations are considered before a placement recommendation for a PALS program is made.

Other Special Education Services

Other services include either direct or consultative services that are provided by District Psychologists, Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational/Physical Therapists, Vision Specialists, Audiologists, and other service providers.