Learning Standards

Clearly defined goals describe what students should know and do by the end of each grade level. These standards help students build the critical thinking and problem-solving skills that prepare them for college and work.

The state sets learning standards in many subjects, from the arts to world languages. Your child’s teacher can help you understand what your child will learn throughout the year. Your school may also host a curriculum night.

For a grade-by-grade look at what your child will learn, check out OSPI's guides to:

District Curriculum

State standards identify what students need to know. But each school district decides how to help its students learn. Our school board must approve textbooks and new courses. We involve staff and community representatives when we develop our curriculum. Our district policy 2020 describes our rules for curriculum adoption.

Talk with our curriculum department to learn more at 360-662-1710 or email stacyr@ckschools.org.


No single test can tell us how your child is doing. Each test your child takes helps us to understand a different skill. Tests range from elementary skill tests that take a few minutes to annual state tests that take several hours. Altogether, the results help you and your child's teacher ensure that your child is on track.

Your child may be required to take some state tests before he or she can graduate. Check the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction’s testing page to see what the state requires.

For more helpful information about tests, see:

The State Test Guide for Parents from Ready WA and GreatKids! helps you understand your child's score reports with resources and concrete advice on how you can help your child improve in areas where they struggle