Meal Debt Donations

To donate to clear student lunch debt, follow the instructions below:

  • Log in to

    • (see below for username and passwords)

  • Click on Don ....MM

  • Click on “Items At Students School including Food Service”

  • Click on “Lunch”

  • Choose "Lunch Donation"

  • Enter $ amount you wish to donate

  • Click “Buy”

  • Checkout

Questions? Please email our business office at [email protected]

Barker Creek

User name: N99954
Password: BCMM


Brownsville Elementary

User name: N9992994
Password: BRMM

Central Kitsap High

User name: N9992615
Password: CKHSMM

Central Kitsap Middle

User name: N9993237
Password: CKMSMM

Clear Creek Elementary

User name: N9994016
Password: CCMM

Cottonwood Elementary

User name: N9994014
Password: COMM

Cougar Valley Elementary

User name: N9994341
Password: CVMM

Emerald Heights Elementary

User name: N9994444
Password: EMMM

Esquire Hills Elementary

User name: N9994015
Password: EHMM

Fairview Middle

User name: N9993791
Password: FMSMM

Green Mountain Elementary

User name: N9994393
Password: GMMM

Hawk Elementary

User name: N9993594
Password: HAWKMM

Klahowya Secondary

User name: N9994509
Password: KSSMM

Olympic High

User name: N9994100
Password: OHSMM

PineCrest Elementary

User name: N9994527
Password: PIMM

Ridgetop Middle

User name: N9994249
Password: RMSMM

Silver Ridge Elementary

User name: N9994372
Password: SRMM

Silverdale Elementary

User name: N9994101
Password: SIMM

Woodlands Elementary

User name: N9994135
Password: WOMM