CK Campus FAQs

As we rebuild CK Middle and CK High, we’ve heard many great questions about the buildings and construction process. Here are some of the questions we hear the most and their answers.

If you have additional questions, please ask them using our form below. We’ll continue to update this page with frequently asked questions. We also welcome you to visit our CK Campus page for pictures, video and more information about the project.


How are current design plans different from December plans?

Updating plans is a regular part of a design process.

After we received feedback on the architect’s designs in December, we wanted to ensure that we maximize the value of our community’s resources. 

Some changes made include:

  • Changing from a four-story high school to a three-story school 
  • Reincorporating the high school gym and auditorium areas to the main part of the building
  • Detaching CTE building (in lieu of a detached auditorium)
  • Shifting field locations

Updated plans were presented to the school board during a Jan. 18 study session, and the board approved the plans at its Jan. 25 regular meeting. You can watch an overview of the presentation given to the board here:

How did you determine room sizes?

Our design team has been talking with staff and looking closely at new school construction throughout the Puget Sound. The amount of square feet per student is consistent with what you’ll find at many new high schools and middle schools.

As part of the design process, we continue to listen to and work with staff and the community to refine classroom spaces and other areas of the building.

What is going in the CTE spaces?

Although details are still being discussed, we do know that CK middle school and high school will share flexible career and technical education lab spaces that can accommodate a variety of new equipment. The new labs would allow students to work with new materials, such as composites.

District leaders and CTE staff are working together to build a new vision for CTE programs in the district. We want to ensure our students can learn the skills in demand for today's and tomorrow's careers.

Will the schools have access for the disabled?

Yes. The schools will meet all ADA requirements, including accessible entryways and elevators. The new schools will be easier to navigate.

What will the new high school auditorium be like?

We will expand seating capacity in the new high school auditorium. The exact number of seats and details of the stage will be determined during the current and final design phase. 


When will construction start?

Here's our schedule:

Spring 2017 – First phase of site preparation, some demolition begins

Early 2018 – Construction begins

Fall 2019 – Students attend new CK Middle and CK High

2020 — Athletic field work completes

Where will students go during demolition and construction?

Students and staff will stay in their current schools during demolition of surrounding buildings and during construction of the new schools.

Contractors will provide secure fencing and take other safety measures during construction.

How will construction affect parking and traffic?

We’re studying ways to reduce disruptions as much as possible. One of the ways we’ll do this is by doing construction in phases. For example, in one phase of construction, temporary high school staff and student parking areas will be built in one phase before current parking is affected by the next phase. 

Schools will send information about upcoming impacts to families and staff before each phase begins, and at the beginning of the school year.

Traffic to the school also will reduce significantly. This summer, 377 staff and students will leave the campus. Staff and students from our alternative programs will move to a new school in East Bremerton. Buses, transportation staff and food service and warehouse staff will move to a new building on Dickey Road. 

Once the project is complete, more parking stalls and longer roadways to pickup and drop-off areas will ease the backups you see now along on Frontier Place and Anderson Hill.

CK High Heritage

What will happen to the memorabilia in the school?

Preserving CK High’s heritage is important to the school and CK Schools. The school is in the process of cataloging historical items like the bricks and other memorabilia in the school. We’ll work with alumni and others to find ways to honor the history and heritage of CK High.

What will happen to the bricks purchased for the old CK High?

After studying the brick tiles, we learned that we would be unable to remove them without destroying them. 

Honoring CK High’s heritage is important to us, and we know it’s important to the community as well. We photographed the brick tiles and catalogued the memorabilia in the school to develop a plan for preservation.

What will happen to the old school?

The current building has aged significantly. Although the façade is in good condition, part of the foundation is sinking and internal systems need to be replaced. Once students leave the school in summer 2019, we will no longer use the school for teaching. We are discussing final plans for the building.