Celebrating Disability History & Awareness
Celebrating Disability History & Awareness
Posted on 10/01/2022
Celebrating Disability History & Awareness

Central Kitsap Schools joins Washington State communities to celebrate Disability History and Awareness Month.

Throughout October, we celebrate and focus on one aspect of identity of those in our schools and broader community who identify as neuro-diverse, differently abled and with different abilities. About 2,300 of our students identify as students with disabilities/disabled students, and/or students under Section 504.

In 2008, the state Legislature declared October 1-31 as Disability History Month. This was done to increase awareness, respect, and acceptance for people with disabilities, and to bring a greater sense of pride to people with disabilities. October is also federally recognized as Disability Employment Awareness Month.

Our schools join in this effort with lessons and activities to promote awareness of disability history and the contributions of individuals with disabilities.

 Want to join in the celebration at home? Here are resources to help:

We will continue to highlight and celebrate national history and heritage months as a district and in schools throughout the year.