Inspiring Growth: Jackie Levenseller
Inspiring Growth: Jackie Levenseller
Posted on 05/01/2019

Transcript of video:

"Music has the power when you're really, really happy, you know, it just pumps you up!  And when you're really, really sad, that's a place you can go to.

"And that's something I want to impart to my students. That music has such power to soothe your soul and to lift you up in those times where your really, really  need it.

"I started teaching in '74, so it's been about 38 years (if my math's right!) [laughs].
"Every year is just different, and has different kinds of challenges. And I think more than anything, the kids keep me going.

"Even though I could be retired by now, there's something that pulls at my heartstrings that I just can't let go of yet. There's always students that you see them have those "Aha" moments  or wanting more. 

"And you just feel like you want to keep on goin'. And, so I do. [laughs]
 So I do."