Test to Stay
Test to Stay
Posted on 11/04/2021
test to sta

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The Department of Health has a new testing option for close contacts to help minimize student absences. 

The program, called Test to Stay, was created in coordination with state and local health officials. Test to Stay allows students who are unvaccinated, were exposed to COVID-19 at school, and who do not have symptoms to continue going to classes if they follow Test to Stay rules, including periodic testing. Learn more about the rules below.

School districts around the country are successfully using similar test-to-stay programs and have shown low risk of spreading COVID-19. Multiple layers of protection in CK Schools, such as masking, physical distancing and staff vaccination requirements, help to minimize risk of transmission.

With parental or guardian consent, students can take free COVID-19 tests in their schools, or provide results from rapid tests administered by a healthcare provider. To opt into testing in school, families must complete a testing consent form in PowerSchool.

Find more details about the program and consent forms by clicking the bars below. For questions, please email info@ckschools.org.