Virtual Spring Break
Make the best of your spring break staycation
Posted on 03/30/2020
Join us on a virtual spring break adventure!

Here are some ideas to make spring break memories from home. New destinations will be posted on this page daily!

Step 1:

Pick Pick a destination – anywhere in the world! Use this list of virtual museums and activities to inspire you.

Step 2:

Plan your trip!  Go on a research scavenger hunt to find at least one of each place to virtually visit on your trip:
  • Historical monument
  • Museum 
  • Zoo/Wildlife Preserve
  • Restaurant 
  • Home of a historical figure 
  • Capitol building or government building 
  • Special event/concert 
  • Park or other outdoor location 

Step 3:

Join us on social media for daily activities and to share your virtual travel experiences! Use the hashtag #CKVirtualVacay or email us photos/video at

Virtual Travel Inspiration

  • Keep a travel diary of the things you see and do
  • Learn local phrases or language
    • K-5: Learn how to say: hello, goodbye, good morning, thank you, please.
    • 6-12: Learn how to order food or ask for directions
  • Read the local newspaper online
  • Pick a recipe to make from that place
  • Take a virtual map walk
  • Draw a flag of the country
  • Draw an animal or plant that is native to the place
  • Research forms of public transportation in the place you want to visit.
  • Make a map or write directions to the places you want to visit
  • Make a postcard and mail it to someone you know
  • Make a souvenir for yourself (DIY snow globe, draw a painting you saw, decorate an old t-shirt, etc.)
  • Research a historical event that happened there
  • Research a famous person that was born there/lived there
  • Read a books or watch a documentary or movie about that place
  • Find a composer or musician from that place and go to a “concert”/have a listening party

Staycation Inspiration

Each day, we'll share a new location for you to explore on your virtual spring break.

Day 1: Washington, D.C.

Day 2: Japan

Today’s staycation destination is Japan!

What other aspects of Japanese culture can you discover from home?

Day 3: Peru

Stuck at home? No prob-llama! Today’s virtual destination is Peru!

  • Explore Machu Picchu! What other sites are along the Inca trail?
  • Draw a llama! Or an alpaca! What is the difference? What other Peruvian animals can you discover?
  • Make your own version of the Peruvian game Sapo. Sapo is a coin-tossing game in which the players try to toss coins into holes on top of a box.
    • Ask and adult to help you cut some 2-inch holes into the top of a cardboard box.
    • Draw a frog around one of the holes. The hole should be the mouth of the frog!
    • Each player tosses 10 coins towards the holes. If a coin gets into the frog’s mouth, that player is the winner! If no coin goes into the frog’s mouth, then the player with the most coins in holes wins.


Day 4: Australia

Let's take a #CKVirtual Vacay down under!

  • Explore the Sydney Opera House in a 360° video music performance.
  • Take an interactive tour of the Great Barrier Reef with David Attenborough.
  • Dive into the Australian National Surfing Museum. Are there any surfers out in Kitsap? Show us your pictures!
  • BONUS: When does the sun rise on the eastern coast of Australia, Pacific Standard Time? When it’s light out down under, there are plenty of live zoo cams to explore! Just search for Australian zoo websites online.

Day 5: SPACE

Being stuck at home doesn’t mean you’re confined to this planet. Our last #CKVirtualVacay takes us to Earth’s orbit and beyond!

We want to know what you've been up to on your spring break staycation! Send us your pictures and stories at