Highly Capable Program Options

We offer a range of services if your child is identified as highly capable. When we screen your child, we identify your child’s strengths. We will also decide the best placement. In most cases, we can offer challenges for your child at your home school. All our schools have highly capable coordinators who help teachers in general education classrooms.

Talk with your child’s teacher or the highly capable coordinator in your school to find out more. We also welcome you to call our Student Services office at 360-662-1734. 

Elementary Students

In a general education classroom, a highly capable coordinator will work with your child’s teacher. They work together on services to challenge your child. Those services may include:

  • Curriculum compacting
  • Special projects
  • Differentiated assignments
  • Cluster grouping
  • Subject acceleration
  • Enrichment clusters

A small number of highly capable students have significantly different learning needs. They may thrive in full-time, self-contained classrooms, see below for details.

Highly Capable Mentors

Middle and High School Students

Students eligible for Highly Capable services in secondary schools are encouraged to sign up for challenging courses that address their strength area(s). Students receiving highly capable services in secondary math are typically grade-level accelerated one to two grade-levels.  Honors, Pre-Advanced Placement (AP) and AP courses are open to students at the secondary level.

Middle School Mentors

High School Mentors

Self-Contained Highly Capable Services

Elementary Venture — Highly Capable Classrooms for grades 2-5

These classrooms offer a rigorous academic curriculum addressing both verbal and quantitative strength areas while meeting the specific affective needs of highly capable students. This program is housed at two locations: Emerald Heights and Cottonwood elementary schools.

Middle School Magnet — Highly Capable Classrooms for grades 6-8

The Middle School Magnet program allows highly capable students to engage in rigorous and challenging curriculum with their academic peers. The program meets the needs of students who have been identified as having exceptional cognitive and academic ability by accelerating and enriching the district curriculum. Classes include greater breadth and depth of subject matter and a wide variety of learning processes and teaching methods. There are high expectations for student work and achievement.

Middle School Magnet consists of a two-period integrated language arts and social studies block and one period of science. Students are placed at the appropriate math level for one period. This schedule leaves students additional periods for required and elective classes.

The learning pace is faster than in the regular education program. Students are expected to perform work that exceeds grade level standards by at least one grade level. Middle School Magnet also emphasizes advanced academic thinking skills and strategies, strong communication and collaboration skills, and an increased awareness of local and global citizenship.
Middle School Magnet programs are currently located at:

  • Central Kitsap Middle School
  • Fairview Middle School
  • Klahowya Secondary School, currently 6-7 grade, 8th grade starting in 2022-2023 SY.
  • Ridgetop Middle School, currently 6-7 grade, 8th grade starting in 2022-2023 SY.

The district assigns a student to attend a Middle School Magnet school based on his/her home address. School assignment is subject to change.


CKSD offers bus transportation for students enrolled in the Middle School Magnet programs in their attendance area.

For more information on bus schedules, please the Bus Stops & Times page, which you can find under the Info section of all school websites.

District Contacts

District Highly Capable Specialist

Shannon Gordon, 360-662-1730

District Highly Capable Secretary

 Sadie Jones, 360-662-1678