Substitute FAQs

I am unable to log into Substitute  Online or I get an "invalid Login" message.  What is the problem?

Make sure you are using only your last name as your user name. Make sure you are using your District-assigned password.

Make sure Central Kitsap SD is selected in the Select District drop-down box.

If you haven't substitute for over a year or your certificate has expired, you account may be inactivated.  Please contact the Substitute Office.  If your certificate has expired, you will need to provide Human Resources with an updated copy of your new teaching certificate.

What do I do if I have an address or phone number change?

If your address and/or phone number changes, please call or stop by Human Resources at (360) 662-1680 to update this information.  You will also need to log into Substitute Online and update your Personal Info. as well. 

What do I need to do if my name changes?

If you have a name change, you need to stop by Human Resources and bring us your original Social Security Card reflecting your new name.  We will make a copy of your Social Security Card and update your records.  You also will be issued a new userid and password to access Substitute Online.

How do I exclude school sites I am unable to sub at?

Please log into Substitute Online and go into the Personal Info. page.  At the bottom of the page, click on View Sites Excluded button. Click on the box to the right of the school(s) you do not want to substitute at.  Next, click on the greenUpdate Changes button at the bottom of the page to make the change(s).

I am an emergency guest teacher. Can I log into Substitute Online and accept assignments?

No.  Emergency guest teachers will be contacted directly from the Substitute Office about available assignments in the morning.  State law mandates that we utilize all of our guest teachers with regular Washington certification before utilizing emergency guest teachers.

What do I need to do if I am no longer available to substitute?

Please be sure and call the Substitute Office at 662-1690 to notify us that you are no longer available to substitute.  If you are moving out of the area, please be sure to notify us of your new address so we make sure your W2 gets mailed to the correct address.  In addition, you will need to turn in your photo identification badge to Human Resources.

Why do I receive calls to work when I am not available?

Please keep you availability updated in Substitute Online.  If you know you are not going to be available, please log into Substitute Online, click on your calendar and mark yourself unavailable for days that you won't be available to substitute.  If you are going to be unavailable for an extended time, in addition to updating your calendar in Substitute Online, please call the Substitute Office at 360-662-1690 and let us know as well. 

I received an e-mail indicating that I have been requested to substitute.  When I log into Substitute Online, there is no assignment there.

Staff can request more than one substitute.  Another requested substitute logged on prior to you and accepted the assignment. 

If it is after 6 p.m. the night before the assignment or 48 hours from the time of posting, Substitute Online will release the assignment for any available substitute. 

What do I do if I accept a late reported assignment in the morning?

If you accept a late reported assignment in Substitute Online and know you will not be able to arrive at the designated start time, please call the Substitute Office at 662-1690 and let me know what time you will be able to arrive, within a reasonable amount of time.  In turn, I will call the school office to let them know your approximate arrival time so the school knows when to expect your arrival.

I agreed to sub on a specific date for an employee.  How do I find that assignment in Substitute Online?

This type of arrangement is referred to as a "pre-arrangement".  When the employee reports his or her absence to Substitute Online, they will automatically assign you to sub for them since you have already agreed to do so.  Please log into Substitute Online, click on Review/Cancel tab, and that assignment should appear there.  If you do not find it this way, please call the Substitute Office at 360-662-1690. 

When is the best time to look for assignments in Substitute Online? 

Our staff report absences 24 hours a day.  Please check Substitute Online before you go to bed.  In the morning, please log on early for assignments that have come in overnight.  Another good time to try is right after 6:00 p.m.

I received an automated call in the morning asking me to log onto Substitute Online for available assignments.  Why did I receive this call?  What should I do if I don't want to receive these calls?

E-call is a feature that is activated in the morning by the Substitute Office if there are numerous assignments that need to be filled for that day.  If you prefer not opt out, please call the Substitute Office at 360-662-1690 and let me know. 

When I am checking for open jobs in Substitute Online, I am only seeing assignments that either I am not qualified to accept or prefer not to accept.  Is there a way that I can avoid seeing these assignments?

No.  Substitute Online only screens by location or whether you are a certificated (guest teacher) or classified substitute. 

I see an assignment in Substitute Online that I would like to accept but the location says "Itinerant" and/or there is no report time.  How do I find out where to report and the report time?

First, check for comments/lesson plans in Substitute Online for location and report time.  Next, check Current Subjectsfor the employee to see if there is more detailed information there.  If you still need help, please call the Substitute Office at 360-662-1690.