Art Lesson Resources

Websites/blogs with elementary art lessons – K-8 grade art lessons by LA teacher Marcia Galloway. – Ted Edinger has lessons and YouTube videos. – Cassie Stephens has great ideas and videos on YouTube as well. – Lessons listed in the right sidebar. – Nichole Hahn’s grade lessons are accessed in the right side bar. – Art lessons broken down into visual steps by Laura Lohmann (also videos). – Cheryl Trowbridge organizes her lessons by category (insetad of grade level). – Zach Stoller’s lessons are in the left sidebar.

Website/blogs with art ideas – Middle school art by Italian art teacher Miriam Paternoser. – Podcasts on art history by Cindy Ingram. – Marcia Beckett has some great visuals, but doesn’t include lesson plans. – Patty Palmer also has a great podcast called “Art Made Easy”. – Hope Knight has some fun ideas, though lesson aren’t typed up. – Some ideas, though lots of ads as well. – San Diego Fine Arts Academy student work. – Pre-K to 4th art ideas from an all girls school.

YouTube art videos

  • Art Docent Training Playlist of videos (elements & principles of art plus more)
  • Megan Arias has a playlist of more than 140 art videos
  • Search YouTube for:
    • Art for Kids Hub - This is a "draw along" video style that could lead to ideas for art lessons. (Kids love this!)
    • Cassie Stephens - So much great art content.
    • Free School Art - Short videos feature, "Famous Artists for Kids."
    • Kirsten Brunner - Handful of art videos.
    • Mr. New's Art Class - Noel Newquist has a good collection of videos and ideas.
    • MrPStudios - Loads of lesson ideas here by Mr. P.

Discussion forum – Reddit’s Center for Art Educators

Visual art posts – Lots of great ideas to begin with here