Jump Start K

kindergarten studentsJump Start K is a FREE, 20-week program for kids who will start kindergarten in 2021. It helps students without access to high-quality preschool gain the skills and confidence they need to be ready for success in school. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are running the Jump Start Kindergarten program virtually only. Qualifying students attend school virtually from February through mid-June.

Do We Qualify?

Eligible families:

  • Do not qualify for a state or federal programs (such as HeadStart)
  • Cannot afford preschool
  • Have a child who will be 5 by Aug. 31, 2021
  • Have a child with an academic or social need (we will screen students for eligibility)


The application deadline for the 2021 program has passed. Information about the 2022 program will be posted here next fall.

Questions? Contact Lara Richardson at LaraR@ckschools.org or Jill Carlson at JillC@ckschools.org.

Virtual Jump Start K

Students will be assigned to a Central Kitsap teacher for 20 weeks of instruction that will help prepare them for Kindergarten. Families will be provided with weekly hands-on activities for their student and weekly virtual social-emotional learning times via a Google Meet/Zoom.

We will hold Family Engagement webinars throughout the program on various topics concerning education strategies and skills, motivation, behavior, health, and more. Teachers will hold office hours throughout the week to assist families with any questions, to conduct testing, or just meet with families.

Suggested Weekly Learning Plan

Wednesdays are reserved for independent work time. 

Time (minutes) Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10  Morning Meeting  Morning Meeting    Morning Meeting  Morning Meeting
 15  Social Emotional  Social Emotional    Social Emotional  Social Emotional
 20  ELA  ELA    ELA  ELA
 15  Break  Break    Break  Break
 30  ELA (continued)  ELA (continued)    ELA (continued)  ELA (continued)
 30  Class Meeting* Plan-Do-Review   Plan-Do-Review  Plan-Do-Review
 5  Break  Break    Break  Break
45 Lunch/Recess  Lunch/Recess    Lunch/Recess  Lunch/Recess
15 Fine Motor  Fine Motor    Fine Motor  Fine Motor
5 Break  Break    Break  Break
30 Specialist  Specialist    Specialist  Specialist
30 Math  Math    Math  Math
15 Recess  Recess    Recess  Recess
30 Plan-Do-Review  Playdate*   Plan-Do-Review Science
5 End of Day  End of Day    End of Day  End of Day

*Subject to change based on family feedback.