Celebrating a Legacy
Emerald Heights Elementary Marks a Milestone with a Special Tribute
Posted on 06/14/2024

Emerald Heights Elementary is marking its 30-year anniversary, and students and staff have found some special ways to celebrate.

he school recently hosted a dedication honoring David McVicker, its founding principal and former CK Schools superintendent. The highlight was an amazing portrait of Mr. McVicker, painted and donated by Juan “Andy” Mendoza, a recent CK Schools graduate.

Andy, who had met and admired Mr. McVicker, approached the district with the desire to create a portrait. We were thrilled to support Andy as he prepared the painting and his heartfelt speech for the dedication ceremony. The event was a success, attended by members of the McVicker family, along with Emerald Heights students and staff. The family expressed deep appreciation for Andy’s gesture, which beautifully honors the legacy of David McVicker, whose commitment, leadership, and vision continue to inspire us.

Students at Emerald Heights also created a walk down memory lane as part of the school’s anniversary events. They worked for several weeks on a timeline, researching, writing, and illustrating important events from the past 30+ years. Their work is displayed on the lower-level walls of the school.

Photos of the timeline and dedication ceremony, as well as Andy’s remarkable portrait, are below.

Congratulations to Emerald Heights Elementary on this special milestone!

Five students in front of a paper timeline item depicting the opening of Emerald Heights and honoring David McVicker