Upcoming Budget Adjustments for 2024-25
Upcoming Budget Adjustments for the 2024-25 School Year
Posted on 02/29/2024

Dear Central Kitsap School District Community,

Thank you for supporting our students as we embark on the second half of the school year. At this point in the budget cycle, it's important to keep you updated about the financial health of our district and the decisions we're making to ensure our long-term sustainability. Each year, we've communicated our efforts to responsibly manage our resources.

As we prepare our budget for the upcoming 2024-25 school year, our district is faced with the challenge of addressing a $7 million budget reduction. This reduction stems from several items. Over the past few years, we have shared during budget status reports that our enrollment is down. As a result, we are receiving less revenue from the state. We have also been preparing for the conclusion of our federal COVID-relief (ESSER) funding. We are thankful for the ESSER funds that brought additional supports to our students. However, this funding is ending and we need to make adjustments to our budget.

We are prioritizing reductions at the district level to shield our schools from direct impacts as much as possible. We are working to achieve these reductions without resorting to a Reduction-In-Force (RIF) or layoffs. However, this work could result in staff reassignments.

Here are the key measures we are implementing immediately:

  • Strategic Staffing: We are enacting a hiring freeze. We will institute a review process for all new vacancies to carefully consider the necessity of filling each position.
  • Spending Freeze: We will institute a review process for all purchases by schools and departments. In order to limit our district to mission-critical purchasing, all goods and services must be approved prior to purchase.
  • Professional Learning Adjustments: We will reduce professional learning and activities that require travel.

There are additional key measures we will implement for the 2024-25 school year:

  • Reducing Our District Office: We will reduce 15 positions at our District Office, transferring these staff members to open positions in our schools.
  • Operational Efficiencies: Jenne-Wright will be closed, and its staff relocated, to cut down on utilities, maintenance expenses, and custodial services.
  • Adjustments in Staffing Models: Modifying clerical and custodial staffing structures to better match current needs and enrollment.
  • Adjusting or Stopping Programs: Some programs and/or initiatives may need to pause for a period of time and/or stop.
We are aware of the implications these changes may bring, including re-aligning staffing at schools with enrollment numbers, and potential impacts to district support levels due to reductions at our district office. Again, we are working to achieve these reductions without resorting to a Reduction-In-Force (RIF) or layoffs. We will navigate these adjustments with as minimal disruption as possible to our core mission of providing a high-quality education to all students.

It's important to recognize that Central Kitsap is not alone in facing these financial challenges. Districts across our state and region are similarly tasked with making difficult decisions to address declining enrollment and the loss of ESSER funds.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

Erin Prince, Ph.D.
Central Kitsap School District