Engineering in Elementary (EiE) in CK Schools
Engineering in Elementary (EiE) in CK Schools
Posted on 12/01/2023
An engaging new curriculum is changing the shape of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education in our elementary schools.

Engineering is Elementary” (EiE) proves complex concepts such as coding, robots, and engineering things like solar ovens and parachutes aren’t just for older kids; they’re for elementary students, too. 

EiE, developed by the Museum of Science in Boston, provides hands-on lessons and applications of real world engineering and STEM concepts. Students participate in fun and interactive lessons that expand their horizons and test their knowledge of actionable skills that will come in handy if they pursue STEM-related careers. 

“When I do [these lessons] I feel like I’m accomplishing something,” said Christina, a student at Cougar Valley. “I actually try something new and I don’t feel bad.”

Why is integrating EiE into schools important? It provides opportunities for all students across the district to be STEM-literate district-wide. 

“Research shows that kids who are introduced to STEM concepts early on have a much better chance of being interested in and pursuing STEM-related careers and interests later,”  said Doug Dowell, the STEM coordinator and grant supervisor at CK Schools. ”We want ALL of our students to have a chance in STEM and a chance to be successful.” 

EiE education aligns with CK Schools' Strategic Plan vision of "a vibrant and inclusive learning community where all students find their passion and achieve their dreams." 

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