Capital Projects Update: March 2019
Capital Projects Update: March 2019
Posted on 03/29/2019
ckms studnets in new common areas

We’ve reached a major milestone with the completion of Central Kitsap Middle School! We’re finishing up technology installation and other minor work before classes start on April 8!

March was a busy month as we began to wrap up security improvements at four schools and started four more. By next fall, all of our schools will have new secure entry systems!

Central Kitsap Middle

Students on the balcony in the new CKMS school.
Status: New desks, new chairs, new tech are in every classroom of the new building. A majority of stuff that’s moving from old CKMS has been packed up and placed in the new building. Families toured the building early this week.

What’s next: Spring break will be busy! The last boxes will move. The school will host a surplus auction in the cafeteria and old gym on April 6. Classes in the new building start April 8!

Central Kitsap High

Construction at Central Kitsap High School.

Status: Concrete has been poured at the entrance courtyard. Carpet installation is underway in third floor classrooms. Crews are painting rooms on the first floor.

What’s next: Painting will start in the library. Concrete work will continue in the courtyard. We’re on track to start classes in September!


Safety & Security

Brownsville Elementary new secure entrance.

Status: Major work finished at Brownsville, and the office has moved back to the entrance. Construction at Hawk began this week.

What’s next: Work wraps up soon at Esquire Hills, PineCrest and Woodlands. Work continues at Clear Creek, Green Mountain, Fairview and Hawk. We’ll review bids for work at Cougar Valley and Cottonwood.

Klahowya Secondary School

Grandstand construction at Klahowya Secondary School
Status: Steel for the grandstands has started going up.

What’s next: Grandstand construction continues!