Construction Preparation Underway
Construction Preparation Underway
Posted on 06/09/2016
Science Kit Center

It’s an understatement to say there are many moving pieces as four major construction projects begin.

Design work is underway on all four of the high school projects supported by community members early this year.

Schematic designs are complete for the addition at Klahowya. The first phase of design for Olympic’s modernization and addition will be done this summer. And architects have met with staff and students as they design the replacement of CK High and CK Middle.

As the projects move forward, the district is preparing for the construction ahead.

Science Kit Center
Science Kit Center

CK Campus Moves

On the CK Campus, the district will empty a building used for storage. The science kit program will move into the gym at the Jenne-Wright Administration building. Vision storage will move to Special Services. Archives and records will move to the Tracyton campus.

New Frontiers will move out of a portable and into the Westside Alternative building.


In addition to preparing for the addition to its campus, Klahowya is also preparing to add sixth grade. This summer, 20 rooms will be reassigned. Space in the middle of the building will be converted to classrooms.

In addition, the school will get a new roof and a canopy over the entryway this summer.

Maintenance Building

Capital Projects is adding new staff to help oversee bond projects. They will move into a space currently used for meetings. Staff are relocating meetings previously scheduled for that area.


This summer, Eastside Alternative High will move out of a portable on campus. They’ll move into the Westside Alternative building as alternative programs combine. 

Additional rearranging will need to take place before construction begins in 2017.