Grand Opening of Operations Service Center
New Service Building Hosts Grand Opening
Posted on 12/08/2017
New Service Building Hosts Grand Opening

Employees, former employees, community members and others gathered on Friday to celebrate the opening of our Operations Service Center.


The new facility unites our transportation, food services and warehouse departments under one roof. It was planned and designed with staff input and a focus on efficiency. Attendees learned about some of the building’s unique features during a behind-the-scenes tour.


Completion of this building fulfills the last major project promised to our community with the 2011 capital projects measure. That same measure rebuilt Hawk Elementary at Jackson Park and modernized Silverdale Elementary. It also funded safety repairs, upgrades and technology improvements at our other schools.


“We are keeping our promises to our community,” said Superintendent David McVicker, “and we remain grateful for its support.”

See photos from the event: