Klahowya Designs on the Move
Klahowya Designs on the Move
Posted on 05/13/2016
Klahowya entrywayArchitects and school leaders tour Klahowya.

The design process is moving quickly for the addition at Klahowya Secondary.

Bassetti Architects have met with staff and toured the school. They’ll design an addition that will include an auxiliary gym, another music room and new classrooms.

The addition at Klahowya is one of four big projects funded thanks to our community’s support of a bond in February. The bond will also fund work, such as remodeled entryways, to make all schools safer.

All four large projects are in the early phase of design work. Klahowya is the furthest along.

Architects will continue to meet with staff and others as they finish their first phase of design work. They’ll mesh the information they gather to create rough sketches of the addition.

If the name Bassetti Architects sounds familiar, it may be because they also designed Hawk Elementary.

Capital Projects will present the first-phase design to the school board in June. 

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