Olympic High School Modernization Design
Want a Sneak Peek of Oly’s Remodel?
Posted on 09/29/2016
 Commons area

Above: A view of the redesigned commons looking toward the entrance. Below: A new entryway that brings in more natural light.
entry illustration

During the past six months, architects and planners have been turning hundreds of ideas into a design for Olympic High School’s modernization project.

Planners and school leaders met with staff and surveyed students and families to define the school’s needs. Planners asked what staff, students and families valued and answered things like how many classrooms does it take to teach 1,225 students all the courses they need?

“Once we understood what we didn’t have, it really helped,” said Principal Rebecca Johnson. “Planners have come in and interacted with every single one of our staff. Everybody’s had a voice.”

And with those thousands of words, a new vision for core areas of the school has taken shape.

This week, the Central Kitsap School Board approved the first phase of design work for the school. Work will now begin on more detailed design work and construction plans.

When construction begins next summer, crews will reshape the commons, entryway, career & technical education area, stage and other classrooms. Construction is expected to complete in fall 2018.

Goals for the design were to create a school that supports strong relationships and collaboration among students, teachers and families. It respects many cultures and traditions. The building needs to be safe and welcoming. Classrooms need to be flexible for both today and the future.

“I’m grateful for our community’s support of this project,” Johnson said. “Students will feel community support when they look at this big, beautiful place they have. The expectations will be higher of them, and their expectations will be higher of themselves.”

“I want kids to walk in and stand a little taller and feel this is a great place to be.”

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