Security Construction Starts at Four Schools
Security Construction Starts at Four More Schools
Posted on 12/10/2018
Demolition at Woodlands

The next major phase of school security improvements has begun!

Construction started improving the main entrances to Brownsville, Esquire Hills, PineCrest and Woodlands elementary schools.

We’re reconfiguring main entrances to allow our staff to have eyes on all visitors before we grant access to a school. Plus, our buildings will have new locks, new systems to screen visitors and outdoor security cameras.

We’ll begin work on more schools early next year. We expect to complete our security improvements for all schools by the end of next year.

This work is one of the ways we’re keeping our promise to make our schools safer. Our work goes from the front door to the classroom:

  • We’ve updated training for staff and students to respond to emergencies.
  • Our district will have three Kitsap County Sheriff’s deputies specially trained and assigned as school resource officers (SROs) to build relationships and improve safety.
  • We will increase access to counselors and mental health.
  • We’ll provide more training on behavior interventions and social and emotional learning.

Safety is our top priority. And we’re grateful that your support can make this work happen!