Silverdale Elementary Modernization
Progress Visible at Silverdale Elementary
Posted on 12/28/2015

Demolition is complete inside Silverdale and many walls have been taken down to studs.
Demolition is complete inside Silverdale and many walls have been taken down to studs.

The outside of Silverdale Elementary in early December.
A construction worker prepares to get on a ladder to work on a wall.
Workers carry a board into the courtyard area of the school.

You can see through much of Silverdale Elementary School.

Work began in June. First, staff and everything in their classrooms moved to temporary host schools.

Then construction crews moved in. They took inside walls down to the studs. Crews took off roofing and tore out parts of outside walls, making the back field visible from the front entrance. 

“The renovation has really taken the school back to its skeleton,” said Principal Ninette Rivero. "There’s a lot of work going into this.” 

They built out a nearly 3,000 square-foot addition and fixed plumbing and drainage systems. 

The project keeps a major promise made with a measure voters approved in 2011. A rebuilt Hawk Elementary at Jackson Park opened in fall 2014. Critical repairs were made districtwide. 

“We’re making great progress,” said Capital Projects Director Robin Shoemaker. The project is on time and the school will re-open in fall 2016. 

“Students will return to a building that’s more secure and better meets modern learning needs,” Shoemaker said.  

Security improvements were high priority. A new entryway guides visitors into the main office before they can enter the school. School staff will have a clear line of site down hallways. The library was moved near the entrance and gym, creating a community zone. The commons will be modernized.

After the New Year, a roof, windows and walls will close that see-through view.

“It’s going to be fabulous for our students when it’s done,” Rivero said. 

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