Silverdale Modernization
Teachers Move in to Remodeled Silverdale Elementary
Posted on 08/24/2016

Silverdale Elementary School has begun to emerge from its chrysalis of construction fencing. 

Classroom pods, with their themed colors to represent a forest, ocean and mountains, opened to teachers last week. Teachers and paraeducators tore through cardboard boxes, placed books on shelves and repositioned desks. 

“Everyone at the school, and others from around the district have really come together to get this building ready,” said Principal Ninette Rivero. 

Staff were not able to access the building as early as anticipated. School will start Sept. 6, but construction crews will work at night into September to finish up some work.

“What’s driven us to work hard is thinking about our students coming through these doors for the first time,” Rivero said. 

On Wednesday, the office, PE, music and kitchen areas became accessible. Staff members wiped away dust and started to put things away. It will be all hands on deck Thursday and Friday to get those areas ready and finish up classrooms for the school’s first day.

“It feels good to be home,” said teacher Linda Sommer. 

When students and families return, they are likely to notice more natural light pouring in through new windows. Large touchscreen televisions in every classroom and carts of Chromebooks (and loads of places to plug everything in) are the most visible signs of technology enhancements at the school. 

When visitors walk through the main entrance, office staff will greet them and let them into the rest of the building. It’s one part of the work to better secure the building. 

The main entrance, multipurpose room, library and gym were moved close together so families can easily access it for student performances.

Sommer, who has known the school since the early 90s as parent and teacher. She admits to a little nostalgia, but, “Once the kids come through the door … they’ll love it,” Sommer said. “It’s new, it’s fresh.”

Sneak Peek

Visit Silverdale Elementary's Facebook page for a sneak peek inside the school.