Critical & Required Repairs
Our schools needed a variety of repairs, from fixing leaky roofs to repairing heating systems. Thanks to the Central Kitsap community's approval of a bond on Feb. 9, 2016, we have been able to make critical and required repairs at our schools, including:Illustration of tools
  • Heating and air conditioning system repairs 
  • Electrical repairs
  • Repairing or replacing roofs
  • Repairing walkways and driveways
  • Improvements at Silverdale Stadium, including a locker room and showers
  • Exterior and interior improvements at schools
  • Improving athletic fields at several schools

Why They're Needed

More than half of our schools are 30 years old or older. Most major school roofing, heating, electrical and other systems are designed to last about 20 to 30 years.

By repairing or replacing major systems, we reduce long-term maintenance costs. These projects keep our classroom and other learning environments safe and healthy. Then, students can focus on learning, not on whether their classroom is too hot or too cold. 

Repairs by School

See the critical and required repairs needed at each school by clicking on each school name below. Projects with a ✔ are complete.

Brownsville Elementary

  • Repair exterior siding
  • Repair exterior windows

Clear Creek Elementary

  • Replace operable wall in gymnasium 

Update playground equipment

Cougar Valley Elementary

Heating and ventilation system – repair/replace

Improve vehicular access

Install additional parking

Update playground equipment

Emerald Heights Elementary

  Replace roof on portable classroom

 Repair exterior walls (west side of gymnasium)

 ✔ Update playground equipment

Esquire Hills Elementary

  • New operable walls in multi-purpose room

Update playground equipment

Green Mountain Elementary

Repair/replace heating and ventilation system

Replace roof 

    ✔ Update playground equipment

PineCrest Elementary

Install classroom doors

Replace heating and air conditioning system

 Update playground equipment

Silverdale Elementary

Update playground equipment

Silver Ridge Elementary

Heating and ventilation system – repair/replace 

 Update playground equipment

  • New gymnasium/music room partitions
  • Replace tile floor in gymnasium
  • Replace roof on portable classroom

Woodlands Elementary

Update playground equipment

  • Improve drainage for the playfield

Fairview Middle

 Re-surface and re-stripe track

Ridgetop Middle

 Heating and ventilation distribution systems – replace classroom air handling units

 Electrical distribution repairs

  • Repair divider curtain – auxiliary gymnasium
  • Tile flooring repairs

Klahowya Secondary

In addition to the repairs below, major construction was also completed at Klahowya. Work included an addition for more classrooms, an auxiliary gymnasium, and a middle school band room. Visit the Klahowya project page for more details.

 Update Entrance Cover
 Roof Repairs and Painting
 All – Weather Athletic Field

Olympic High

In addition to the repairs below, major construction was also completed at Olympic.  Work included replacing portables with permanent classrooms, modernizing career and technical education classrooms and updating the commons. Visit the Olympic project page for more details.

 All-weather athletic field
 Improve access for those with disabilities
 Improve pedestrian access – multiple areas
 Install all-weather practice field
 Upgrade Silverdale Stadium – changing rooms, restrooms