Public Records Requests

For student records, please visit our pages for transcripts or verifying graduation date.

We are committed to responding to all requests for identifiable public records in a timely manner.

If you would like a report, manual or other record, please use the form on this page. 

If you're seeking information, we welcome your questions. Just call us at 360-662-1600, and we'll direct you to whoever can best answer your questions. For more information about public records laws in Washington, visit the state Attorney General's website.

Cost for Public Records

There is no fee to inspect public records.

You may pay by cash, credit card, or check or money order payable to Central Kitsap School District. 

Response to Requests

Within five business days, our records staff will respond in one of the following ways:

  • Make the records available for inspection or copying
  • Provide you with a reasonable estimate when the records will be available
  • Deny the request and cite the reason it was denied

We may withhold or redact any record or portion of a record that is exempt from disclosure. We will specify the exemption that applies to any documents that are withheld or when we make redactions. 

For more information about what state law considers exempt, see RCW 42.56, RCW 10.97 or RCW 13.50.

Make a Public Records Request

Public Records Request Form - Do NOT Use for Student Records, Such as Transcripts

Do not use this form to request student records. Please visit our student records page to find out how to request transcripts and other student records. 

Required fields are followed by *.




Your Address(if you would like us to mail you the records):




Please provide a description of the record you’re requesting. Please be as detailed as possible. It helps to include information such as dates, names, types of records and more. The more information you give us, the better we can fulfill your request.

*I certify in making this request that I will not use any lists of individuals obtained through this public records request for commercial purposes. I understand charges may apply to records provided in response to my request, and I confirm I will pay for those charges.

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