School Support Levy

Voters in Central Kitsap School District approved a two-year school support levy in April 2022 to help us enrich educational programs and fund school district operations. The levy rate is $1.50 per $1,000 of assessed value, not to exceed $20 million each year.

A state-funded “basic” education—reading, writing, and math—is important. Our community has supported us going beyond that to prepare our students for their futures. The levy allows us to offer a much wider range of programs and activities.

What is a school support levy?

A levy is a property tax passed by voters. Our school support levy "fills the gap" between state funding and the actual cost of the programs and services we provide to our students. We've had a levy in place for more than 20 years, and we are grateful for this support.

The levy helps us offer unique programs and activities that connect our students to their schools and get them excited about learning. The levy pays for things like: 

  • Arts, Athletics, and Clubs (outside the school day)
  • Counselors
  • Libraries
  • Small Class Sizes and Student Support
  • Technology

The levy also helps fund things you might not expect, like:

  • Safety, Security, and Operations
  • Special Education
  • Transportation

How are schools funded?

Our state has a duty to provide a basic education for all students. Over the past few years, lawmakers have increased school funding in order to meet this obligation. This means we can focus our local resources on the things that matter most to our community. 

School Funding: 80% of our budget comes from the state, 10% from federal sources, 10% local

State Funds

The majority of our funding comes from the state. The state's school funding plan is now fully implemented. This has increased the amount we receive to pay for basic education. Visit our District Budget page for more details, including links to our current and past budgets. 

Federal Funds
The federal government pays for portions of our special education, food service, career and technical education, and other special programs. These funds are mostly “non-discretionary,” which means we have no say in where they are spent.

Local Funds

We use local levy dollars to go beyond basic education. The levy provides enrichment activities and athletic programs. It helps fund things like safety, security, and technology. It also helps us provide small class sizes and additional student support in schools .

How are levy dollars used?

The school support levy "fills the gap" between the funding we receive and the services we provide. Having a levy in place qualifies us for additional state funding, and we also qualify for Impact Aid from the federal government. In total, we spend approximately $24.8 million on enrichment items each year.

 Levy Expenditures

Are there tax exemptions for senior citizens or those who are disabled?

Yes. Senior and disabled citizens who meet certain income requirements may be exempt from part or all of local school levy taxes. To learn more, call the Kitsap County Assessor’s Office at 360-337-4904 and ask about the property tax exemption and deferral program. Some senior citizens may also quality for tax relief  by volunteering in our schools. For more information, call CKSD Community Schools at 360-662-1635.