Parent Organizations

Many parent-led nonprofit groups support our students, our schools and our staff members. These groups can help you become more involved in school, and help you support and advocate for your child’s education. Our staff members are often involved in these organizations. However, they are independent from the district.


Each of our schools has an active parent teacher (PTA) or parent teacher student (PTSA) association. We are grateful for their support and for the countless hours members volunteer. They make a wide variety of school activities and projects possible. 

For more information, please contact your school or visit a PTA website:

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Special Education Advisory Council (SEPAC)

The Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) gives information and support to advocates and parents of children with special needs. They regularly invite district administrators and educators to talk with parents.

Find out about meetings and other topics on the SEPAC Facebook page.


Many organizations support athletic programs, band, performing arts or other programs in our schools. Check with your school to learn more about these groups .