CKSD ClLassLink access We know it can be hard to memorize all the login information for our online resources. That's why we've adopted ClassLink, which lets you access school-related online resources with ONE log-in.

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What is ClassLink?

ClassLink is a secure online services that lets students and families access online school-related resources.

ClassLink lets you access many of our online resources with ONE log-in. Other apps may ask for additional credentials. There's more on that in the "What resources can I access?" section.

Take a tour:

How do I access ClassLink?

You can access ClassLink from any computer. There's even an app for mobile devices.

Find ClassLink

Before you start, log in to Google with your student crecentials.

From Chrome: If you're logged in to Chrome, students can use the bookmarks folder (in the toolbar, beneath the web address).

From any browser: Go to the homepage of your school website. Scroll down to the Quick Links section and look for the ClassLink cloud. 
Quick links screenshot

Log In to ClassLink

You'll log in to ClassLink using your student login information. 

If you're still not able to get in, it’s likely that you have stored an incorrect password in Chrome. Please use this document for support: Managing Stored Credentials in Chrome.

Video Instruction


What resources can I access?

Access to digital resource “apps” will vary from school to school. Students and families will be able to access tools, such as Google Classroom,  research materials or textbooks with online resources. Please note that not all textbooks have online components.

Log Into Apps

Many apps in ClassLink will log students directly into their resources. ClassLink securely stores their login information after students have successfully logged in once.

Other apps may ask for additional credentials. For access instructions to specific digital resources, please visit our Google Drive folder filled with instructions for accessing school-related resources.

Can I organize my apps?

Yes! You can create folders and add your apps to them. 

Right-click anywhere on the screen and choose "New Folder" to create a new folder and choose its color. Once you've created the folder, right-click again and select Edit Mode. Now you can drag and drop apps into your folder.

Here's a video demonstration:

How do I update my app passwords?

ClassLink securely stores usernames and passwords for many of your online resources. 

Sometimes, you may need to delete or update your passwords. To do this, be sure you're logged in to ClassLink.

Go to the round person icon in the upper right-hand corner and click "My Profile." From there, select the Password Locker link.


For additional help, email Technology Integration Specialist at [email protected].