Tax Relief
Senior citizen or disabled home owners may qualify for programs to lower their property taxes.

Seniors Can Get Tax Breaks by Volunteering 

You can help students and get a tax break by volunteering as part of the senior tax exchange program. Please note that only one person per household may participate. Each hour you volunteer reduces your taxes by the state minimum wage rate, to a limit. If you qualify, you can reduce your local school property taxes up to $430 per year. In your first year, you could lower your bill by $599. Local school property taxes are any voter-approved bonds and school levies.

To qualify for a senior tax break, you must:

If you participate, you will receive a check payable to you and the Kitsap County Treasurer. We will send the check before the April and/or October collection deadlines. 

Our Community Schools staff can take your application. Call us at 360-662-1619. We will place volunteers on a first-come, first-serve basis and your track hours.

Tax Exemptions for Seniors and Disabled

*If you are a senior or disabled and earn less than $35,000, you may qualify for a property tax exemption from the county. For more information on property tax exemptions and relief programs, visit the Kitsap County Assessor’s Office or call 360-337-7160.