2023-26 CK Schools Strategic Plan
Our path forward is clear!
Posted on 09/06/2023

This fall, we’re celebrating more than the start of a new school year. We’re also marking the launch of the 2023-26 CK Schools Strategic Plan!

This plan was developed after months of student, staff, family, and community engagement and input. More than 1,770 people participated in our planning process—thank you!

Our strategic plan provides a unified direction for CK Schools. It details what we want to achieve, how we’ll get there, and how we’ll measure our progress. Above all, it puts students first.

We invite you to explore our strategic plan and learn more about our vision, mission, core values, and goals, as well as our process for evaluating and assessing progress toward those goals. We consider this plan a “living document” that will guide us over the next three years as we seek to become a vibrant and inclusive learning community where all students find their passion and achieve their dreams.

Join us as we make this vision a reality!