2011-16 Capital Projects Measure

In 2011, we promised to make critical repairs and update technology at all our schools. We also promised several major construction initiatives. We've been keeping our promises.


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Hawk Elementary at Jackson Park

Hawk opened in fall 2014

Did You Know?
Capacity: 500 students
Completion: Summer 2014
Square footage: 60,836
Floors: 2
Classrooms: 24
We replaced the former Jackson Park Elementary with a new school on the same campus. The new school is named John D. "Bud" Hawk Elementary.

The school has a warm, Pacific Northwest lodge-like appearance. The site also features a larger play area and a new field space for students and community.

Materials used to construct the building ensure efficient maintenance. Design elements such as shared learning areas ensure flexibility for future needs. 


Silverdale Elementary

Silverdale opened in fall 2016

Did You Know?
Year Built: 1979
Completion: Fall 2016
Square footage: 58,000
Classrooms: 22
Silverdale Elementary is drastically different than the school students attended in the 2014-15 school year.

Inside walls were taken down to the studs, hallways were straightened and classrooms were made ready for updated technology.
We built out a nearly 3,000 square-foot addition and fixed plumbing and drainage systems.

Operations Service Center

Operation Service Center entrance

A new building allowed us to consolidate our transportation, food service and warehouse departments. The moves of those departments allowed the district to continue work on the Central Kitsap High School and CK Middle School rebuilding project.

Critical & Required Repairs (Districtwide)

Multiple photos of building repairs, students on a revamped playground and students with Chromebooks

We upgraded computers and improved technology infrastructure, like wireless internet access, at every school in the district. 

We have also completed critical and required repairs at each of our schools and other facilities. Repair projects included new turf at Silverdale Stadium, playground updates at elementary schools, heating and cooling improvements, seismic upgrades and more.