Job Application FAQs

Q:  Can I apply before a position is posted?

No. We only accept applications for posted positions. 

Note:  Current employees can access a “shell” application at any time. Simply log into Employee Access and click on the FastTrack tab to start the process. Under "Position," select either  *CERTEMPLOYEE-NO SPECIFIC JOB” or "*CLASSEMPLOYEE-NO SPECIFIC JOB" and click “Apply for Selected Position(s).” The first time you “apply” for a position you will be asked to create a new profile. When creating this profile, use the same login ID and password that you now use to log into and view your paystub. 

Q:  I forgot my username and/or password.  How do I retrieve them?

Image of the application website, FastTrackTo retrieve your username and/or password, go to the main login screen of our application website. Below the “Log In” button you will see a link that says, “Forgot your username/password?” Click that link and enter the email address that you used to create your account. Your username and password will be emailed to you at that address. If you do not see the email in your inbox, check your bulk/spam/junk folder. 

Q:  When I click on the “View Open Positions and Apply” button, nothing happens.  Why?

When you click on that link, a new pop-up browser window opens that allows you to enter our online application system. If your browser does not allow pop-ups, it will prevent the new window from opening. If nothing happens when you click on the “View Open Positions and Apply” button, either click at the top of your screen where it says, “allow pop-ups from this site,” or change your security settings to allow pop-ups. 

Q:  How do I know Human Resources received my application?

Our system will send you an automatic email thanking you for your application. 

Q:  What happens if I submit my application before I am finished?

You may edit your application or attach additional documents until your application has been advanced for screening or until the position posting is closed. Simply click on the application, change it and click the “Submit Application” button again. 

Q:  Do I need to submit a resume, letter of recommendation, or other relevant documentation with my application?

Each position posting lists exactly what supplemental documents you need to include with your application. You will be automatically removed from the applicant pool if you do not submit all required documentation. When you apply, you will upload supplemental documents in electronic format (Word, PDF, JPEG, etc.). We do not accept paper copies of supplemental documents.  

Q:  What if I have supplemental documents that are not in electronic form?

If you do not have documents in electronic format, you may use a computer and scanner in Human Resources on a first-come, first-served basis. 

 Note: Current employees (non-substitute) may request their information be emailed to them OR they may use available technology to convert paper documents to PDF (district copiers or scanners). 

Q:  I entered names and email addresses into the “references” section, but it still says the section is incomplete. Why?

When you enter the names and email addresses of your references, your references will automatically get an email from us with a link to an online form. Your references must follow the link in the email, answer questions and save their answers before their references will be marked complete. Once we receive all required references, this section is complete. Please note that at least two references should be from supervisors, preferably from current or previous employment. If you have limited or no work experience, your supervisor references may be from volunteer or school experiences.

Q:  Why did I receive an email stating that my application is incomplete?

When you receive the email stating that your application is incomplete, it means that the application we received was unfinished or not submitted to Human Resources. You must answer all the questions listed and click on the “Submit to HR” button on the main page of your application in order to be considered for a position. If you did not finish or submit your application before the closing date, then we did not receive and accept your application. To avoid this in the future, please make sure you answer each question listed and press the “Submit to HR” button on the online application. 

Q:  How do I insert an institution/degree/major/minor not listed in the drop down box?

When you click on the drop down menu, a list of all the default locations and degrees will appear.  The first option is “new value not on list.” If you click on that selection, the system allows you to type in your specific information. 

Q: How do I print the position posting?

While you are viewing a position posting, press “Ctrl + P,” or right click on your mouse and select “Print.”  This will bring you to the printing preferences screen and allow you to print the position posting.  Once there, you will want to shrink the document to fit the page or change the page setup to landscape.  If you do not change the layout/size, it may cut off some of the posting

Q:  Can I print the position announcement for a position I have applied for once the position has closed?

Yes. While you are logged in to your account and viewing your application history, click on the position you are looking for and select “View” to open your application. Towards the top of your application there is a link that says “View Details of This Position Listing.” Click on that link and you will see the position posting used for that position. 

Q:  Can I view an old application I previously submitted?

Yes. While you are logged in to your account and viewing your application history, click on the position you are looking for and select “View” to pull up your application. Here you can see all the information from your application, including the answers you submitted to all the general questions, which can be useful when answering similar questions in future applications. 

Q:  I applied for a position in the past and now want to apply for another position. Is my information saved?

When you fill out an application, most of the information you enter is stored in your applicant profile for easy access when applying for other positions. The “Name and Contact Information,” “Education History,” “Certifications/Licenses,” and “Employment History” sections are automatically filled in each time you begin an application, using the most recent data that you entered. If your information has changed since your last application or you want to adjust those sections, you can do so each time you apply. Your profile will be updated and saved for the next time you apply. You must complete the “Conditions of Employment” each time you apply for a position.

The “General Questions” and “Attachments” sections are specific to each position. The system will only recall your previous responses in those sections if you apply for another position that requires the exact same information. Example:  You previously applied for a paraeducator position, and you now apply for another paraeducator position that contains the same general questions as the first position. In this case, your answers from the first application will automatically be inserted when you begin the second application. You may still change your responses in the new application before submitting it. However, if you then apply for a bus driver position, you would need to answer the new questions specific to that position. These same parameters apply to the “Attachments” section of the application. 

Q:  How do I know the status of a position I applied for once the position has closed?

Allow at least two weeks after the closing date for application screening. Once the screening committee is finished we will call candidates for interviews. If you are not selected for a position, you will receive an email. 

Q:  How do I get my work experience to sort by date?

The positions you enter in the “Employment History” section of the application are automatically sorted in date order, newest to oldest. Your current (or most recent) position is the first on the list. The position you had before that is second on the list, and so on. Thus, it is important that you enter the start and end dates for each position accurately.  After your initial application, if you need to enter a new position (e.g.,  you started another position since you last applied with us), enter that position at the bottom of the list. When you save your entry, the list will automatically re-sort to put the new position at the top of the list. 

Q:  Can I enter more than four positions in the work experience area?

No, you may only enter your last four positions in the “Employment History” section. If you have had more than four positions, you may include additional employment experience in a resume. 

Q:  I do not currently have my Washington State teaching or administrator credential.  Can I still apply for teaching, ESA or certificated administrator positions?  If so, how do I indicate this in the application?

Yes, you may still apply. Please either state the status of your credential in the “comments” area, or attach a Word document to the “credentials” area that includes this information. Please note, however, that you may not work in a position requiring a certification until the district has confirmed issuance of your Washington State credential.